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38 lincoln zephyr 2 speed rear end

ken c

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I'm assuming that the rear end is installed in your car and is complete with the controls.

It's shifted by manifold vacuum. There's a knob that probably has "Overdrive" (or maybe just "O") on it under the dashboard.

To shift into overdrive, pull the knob OUT and depress the clutch. If everything is working properly, you should hear and feel a "clunk" from the rear axle. Let out the clutch and you will be in overdrive.

To downshift, push the knob IN, press the clutch, hear and feel the "clunk", let out the clutch and you will be back in "underdrive".

Obviously, this must be done while the car is in motion.

The 2-speed axle provides SIX forward speeds. You may feel like you're losing power when you attempt to accelerate while in overdrive. Remember, You have a two ton car with a mere 110 horsepower and an extra high gear ratio in overdrive. It's NOT going to be a high-performance car!

Also, be aware that the Columbia axle is a bit fragile. Don't try to drag race the car. The Columbia axle WILL break if it's abused. Trust me, I've broken several of them.

If you're interested in a photo essay of the installation of a Columbia axle in my 1939 Lincoln Zephyr, take a look at my Webshots Photo album at: http://community.webshots.com/album/535592120cTKtFX

There is a copy of the Columbia axle parts list with exploded views at the end of this photo album.

Good Luck,


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