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1973 GS - Anybody own one or have opinions?

Guest BJM

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I have located a 73 Gran Sport I am interested in bidding on ebay. Opening bid is $499 with no takers yet. It was a base GS with 350 and bench seat. The motor and transmission are gone. I have done a google search and located some cars but was wondering if any forum members have these. I know Derek recently purchased a 75? Regal/Century.

My interest is that I like the unusual - everybody at car shows seems to collect and show the 67-72 years. I also like the "sleeper" aspect of these cars. I would build a 455 to Stage 1 specs back it with a stout TH400 and try to put a posi back there as I am sure the car I am looking at is an open rear end car.

I would keep the bench seat column shift for simplicity but add a Rallye Wheel to replace the stock wheel. There are a couple of colors I really like on these cars - one is a Platinum Mist and the other is Burnt Sienna. Other then rallye wheels and the grille, there isn't much to annouce it's a muscle car.

Here is an article in part off the Internet:

We won't deny that General Motors' 1973 Colonnade cars got fat. In fact, GM engineers super-sized the 1973s to roughly 325 pounds more than their 1972 counterparts. It wasn't by choice. GM, and all other manufacturers, had to comply with anticipated federal rollover standards that never materialized. The added weight resulted from double-steel roofs and frame and side-guard beams.

And while these cars have yet to catch up with the 1968 through 1972 models in popularity and price, many of us at Hemmings love them. I have owned three of these tremendous cars: 1976 Cutlass Salon, 1976 Monte Carlo and 1977 Grand Prix SJ. All are gone.

In addition to the weight gain, many disliked the new '73s because of the lower horsepower, lower compression (8.5:1) and power-robbing A.I.R. injection pumps and related plumbing. Funny, despite the complaints from the heavy and protruding front bumpers, Buick alone set a sales record in 1973, with 821,165 cars sold, the best year to date in Tri-Shield history.

Our feature Colonnade is a 1973 Buick Gran Sport with an optional Stage 1 engine. The engine produces 270 horsepower at 4,400 rpm and covers the quarter-mile in 13.90 seconds at 102 mph, which wasn't too shabby in the year of the first oil crisis. The Stage 1 option got checked off by only 728 customers, and big-engined Gran Sports totaled 1,707 in 1973. Finding a '73 Gran Sport today is likely tough, and one in rust-free condition, likely next to impossible.

While early Gran Sports, Chevelles, GTOs and Cutlasses have become ubiquitous at car shows, it's refreshing to see a Colonnade now and then. These cars are among the most comfortable ever offered by General Motors. And while body parts and trim may not be as readily available, many of the mechanicals are shared with earlier cars.

Mike Berkemeier of Canal Winchester, Ohio, is the proud owner of this Harvest Gold Gran Sport with a rare factory-four speed transmission. "The fact that this is one of the rarest muscle cars is definitely a huge part of my affection for this car. It also helps that it was, flat out, the baddest car you could buy in 1973. And I think the 1973 is the best looking, by far, of the Colonnade body styles."

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Jake, I didn't find this car on evil bay, I've own 3 of them still have 1, my Brother's first car GS455, also had a rust bucket Stage 1, paid $500 for it and I drove for a year til the engine locked up, pulled engine, stored the car till it was so rusted it needed to go, parted out. Also had a GS350, I bought for $350 put a $75 trans in it drove for a year and sold to a friend cause the floor pan was still good, but the rear quarters were full of roof cement. One of the biggest problems is they all rusted out, all GM '73's had major rust problems, I am told that GM switched steel companies for that year and probably '74 too, '75's and on seemed to hold up a little better. There are virtually no NOS body, interior parts available, used parts are also few and far between and no repop parts other than a few shared by Chevy, Pontiac, and Olds such as door seals, etc.

The article you posted is absolutely true the '73s were great riding cars, like a big Buick, but like I said there's not much out there. You can't use the '68-72 motor mounts to put a 455 in it, so you'd have to find '73-'77 BB motor mount brackets, not easy to find either. Not to deter you from this project, check out V8Buick.com There are several folks with '73 GS, Phil Roitman has 5, Bignastygs has 1 forever, Tom Miller just got one, going to make a Pure Stock Muscle Car Drag Racer.

Hope that helps, put the link to ebay up so we can check it out!

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Thanks Roberta and Chris. I'll have to check Roberta but I got a message mid afternoon that the auction for that car was about to end. I did receive an email from the seller so I can make contact IF it did not sell, which I will check momentarily. here is teh ebay link, but I am having trouble cutting and pasting ebay links to the forum lately -


Too bad about the 455 motor mounts. That might be a tough one.

I can say the body on this one is not rusty, very straight, good grille. Good hood and front clip from the photos. I had the GS grille and "Gran Sport" lettering rear quarter panels - curiously it had what looked like a stripe or color section in brown that ran the length of the body. Not sure about that. It had the halo roof.

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