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ol' yeller

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As long as I'm asking questions I have another minor problem with my '90 Coupe. Twice now the driver's side seatbelt will stick in the retractor and I can't pull it out. It never happens in my driveway, always somewhere else where I have to drive home without a seatbelt to fix it. My solution so far has been to disaasemble all the plastic in the rear of the car to get to the retractor and then tap it with a rubber mallet to free up the stop pawl. I suspect that through age, the seatbelt has become stretched and therefore retracts too far into the retractor thus sticking the safety pawl. The car has not been in an accident. What are my repair options? It is a major pain dissassembling all the rear plastic only to have it happen again after it is all put back. Does someone have a source for a new seatbelt? I also cracked the plastic shroud that the seatbelt retracts on. My car is Maui Blue with a blue interior. I suspect I'll have to contact Jim Finn about the plastic piece but what about the seatbelt? Thanks in advance.


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I think what happened is that your belt is actually going to far into your bracket and is jamming up. Jim may have another one or you will have to go to a junk yard for other cars that may have the same seatbelt system. i would think that Rivs, some Cadillacs and Olds would work. The color however will be wrong.

There is no repair as GM did not want to be responsible for anyone altering there seatbelts and leaving them with a liability.

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