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1959 Ford side trim


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I have seen several different trims on 1959 Ford quarterpanels- the four "gills' at the trailing edge- as well as cars without any. Some look vee'd, others look more like a fishtail. Which series got what?

Maybe I should have paid more attention growing up, since there were several 59's in my family's acquaintance.

My daddy always called 59's "Tennessee Ernie" Fords. smile.gif

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Thanks Leonard! Looks like there may have been two versions of that optional "Flying Dart" trim for Custom 300s.

Nicely designed cars in anyone's book.

Lots of people don't like the 60, saying it doesn't look like a Ford, but it's the one that took the big Fords into modern design. I always thought they were very handsome cars, esp Fairlane 500s with their "just right" level of chrome trim.

Now whoda thunk an Oldshead like myself would admit to liking Fords? Yes, I do like 50s/60s big Fords. I like 50s/60s anything!

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Guest John Chapman

Don't forget the 'Galaxie 500' option that was available on the 'Fairlane 500' which added the 'Galaxie' script in place of the 'Fairlane' script, wide 'C' pillars on the TowneSedan and upgraded interior.

Learned to drive on one of these. Galaxie 4dr, 292 Fordomatic.



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Guest abh3usn

I think the Galaxy also got chrome trim on the rear portion of the C pillar similar to the '58 T-Birds. Plus, the '500' on the trunk lid was gold anodized for Fairlane 500s. Also if the car had air conditioning, there was a small badge a few inches behind the side view merriros (A neighbor had a '59 ac equipped wagon with that trim) also if optioned with fender skirts they may have also had bright trim on them as well, can't remember. Nice cars!

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