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1956 Buick resto

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Just thought I would share info of my 56 Buick Special "Riviera"

Its got a 322 "Nailhead" V-8 and a Dynaflow transmission. It was

sitting for 16 years before I purchased it.I bought it in September of 07 put a battery and a fuel cell in the trunk and had it on the road in a few days but it always had a skip like it was running on 6-7 cylinders and massive amounts of blow by. Thanksgiving it finally decided to do whatever it thought it needed to do and all the gas/compression ignited and blew fire out of every orifice of the motor. So during spring break I got the motor pulled and disassembled and discovered a flawed piston.

My Plans right now are to make it a nice driver. Get it running good and put a nice paint job on it. I am in college so I dont have alot of time or money to do a number one restore on it. My future plans are to do a body off number one condition just like it rolled off the line restoration to it. but for now I want to enjoy it.

I have been driving the car for six months now. Ive put about 1000 miles on it. The brake install went ok. Replaced all the hardware but it would not pump up. Went back and inspected the master cylinder again it was fine, turned out to be the diaphram in the check valve had some debris in preventing it from closing and retaining pressure.

The starter solenoid was on its way out so I have replaced it. That was a pleasant $60.

On the highway during the journey home I averaged 18mpg around town it gets a cool 11mpg. The dual exhaust and glasspacks sound real good. I went ahead and installed some lowlight led's in the portholes and hard wired them into the headlamps. When the headlamps are on the portholes have a nice blue glow (no pics its hard to get it to focus on the lights.) Installed an aftermarket radio on the center hump in an awesome homemade console. Put some nice (free) speakers under the front seat and ran the the wires under the carpet. Unplug the antenna and a hot wire and its cleanly removed in under a mintue.

Front shocks and a Front end alignment have been recently done.


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