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1995 Riviera Starting issue

Old D

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1995 Buick Riviera 3800 Supercharged 134,00 miles

Airbag light and check engine light go dim when key is turned on> Car will not start

Tilt the column up or down in different combinations it will trip the light bright> the car starts

No check engine light or scam codes detected - frown.gif

Short somewhere? Bad powertrain modual?

No column mounted ignition switch -any ideas on the column that might be the culprit

Any insight would be great

Thanks Dennis in WA

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If your ignition switch is not on the column, where has it been relocated to? If your ignition switch is still in the column, and the symptoms change when you move the tilt column, I would suspect the ignition switch or wiring harness is the cause of the problem.

Tim McCluskey

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Hey guys

The key switch is on the column....

The lock cylinder has a chip on the key and it has a wire too the column instead of the rod I'm used too seeing.

I carry a bundle of keys - heavy wieght - my thought is the key switch

I ordered a set of shop manuals from books4yourcar.com - they are BO'd on them - so must get a schematic for this car.

Anyone know of on line sources that are free?

So far RATS.... no luck

Thanks in Advance

Dennis in Wa

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According to the service manual, the actual ignition switch is located behind the ignition lock cylinder, not at the base of the column like older GM cars. The fact that the symptoms change when you move the tilt function makes me think you have an issue with the ignition switch and or wiring harness in the column. Good move on your part to pick up the service manual, they are always money well spent!

Good Luck,


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Since this is the newest car I own It drives me crazy - technically challanged on the new systems

Great road car - comfortable and such

I will just take it in and have it diagnosed after the holidays - sheesh.....

Thanks Dennis In WA

1995 Riviera SC3800

1968 Tornoado

1963 Rambler CC SW 770

1966 Classic 550

1969 AMC Rebel

1981 Eagle Limited SW

1966 Jeep J200 PU

1984 Jeep Wagoneer

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