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Need Source for Large Flare Nut - 1925 Stanley SV

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I’m looking for a large flare nut, similar to the smaller ones Art Hart has on his web site.

This brass nut – see picture- has 18 TPI and measures .615” ID. Across the flats it measures .875” and is .750” tall. The male fitting threads are about .775” - .780” OD.

My local hardware store (which is VERY GOOD!) does not have anything in this diameter or thread count at all.

Any idea where these can be found?


Don Hoke


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YOu might try a refrigeration supply house as the fittings are heavier. I was able to get the odd sized tubing and associated fittings for my 735B at one. I used a branch of Southern Refrigeration for what I needed.

Jim Showers, Life Member

1921 Stanley 735B

1916 Crow-Elkhart

Several Packards

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I have one that I may be able to part with. It is as depicted, not like one you would find in refrigeration use. Actually it has been road tested on a Stanley. It isn't pretty but it is functional. Contact me and we can discuss terms of use.

Lawrence Jones

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