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F/S Many old engine and trans Cheap

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Its time to move out this old tired iron. Not sure what everything is but I'll give you my best shot. I hate to scrap it. Cheap prices, quanity discounts.

Pic 1: Caddy flathead not sure what year.

Pic 2: 2-Porsche 914 or VW trans?, 1-Model A?, 1-GM?, 1-?.

Pic 3: 3-Ford flatheads,1-GM V-8 maybe Caddy?,1-Benz 190? single carb.

Pic 4: 3-Model A, one with trans.

Pic 5: 1-Model T, 2-BMW 1 carb maybe 1600 or 2002?, 1-Triumph? 1 carb.

Please call Jeff 610-972-9694






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Joe, The number on the back of the engine is 6 A 6464. Thanks for the help locating that number. Can you let me know about the engine. Anyone else that needs me to look up numbers on this stuff just let me know where to look and I'll try and find them for you. Jeff

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Hello, Many thanks for the serial number from the Caddy engine. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, however, the great Northeast had a bad ice storm and I was without electrical power for 6 days. I checked my book which has engine serial numbers of both Cadillac and LaSalle from 1935 to 1951 and this number nor any number similar does not appear. They are all numerical, seven and nine digits long. Must be either a later engine number or not Caddy. I am looking for a 1940 LaSalle engine,series 52, running, (if possible, or not seized) Joe

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An update on some of this stuff and thanks to the people who have helped ID some of the stuff. The T engine and related stuff is sold. The flathead is not an Oakland. I have seen a pic of an Oakland v-8 and it is different. I still think its a Caddy but I will try and pull it out and get better pics and post them. Leonard thanks for IDing the other V-8. Studebaker. I will get you an engine # in the next couple of days. I have posted the model A engine #'s and have other A stuff on the model A forum. I also have a Ford model N,R,S engine circa 1908 That I will post when I get pics for it. Email rockingchairmotors@yahoo.com or call 610-972-9694. Jeff. PS Have a Merry Christmas

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