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FS 1957 Buick Century

Mark Shaw

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Mark, thanks for posting this link.

This car creates a flood of memories. My aunt and uncle had a cattle ranch in Hereford, Oregon, and drove a '57 Century identical to this one. This car is unusual in that these particular '57 paint colors were typically flip-flopped, with the darker color on the upper body and roof rather than below the sweepspear. My mother always knew that her sister was in town when she saw the '57 Century parked at a store; this was the only one around with this particular paint scheme.

I looked at a car very much like this one thirty years ago on 82nd Ave. in Portland. I wonder now if this might be the same car.

Did I mention how much I would love to buy this one? It's not going to happen, but this Buick grabs me.

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Also a 1940, 1946 and a 2003?

Yes, 57 Buicks are one of my favorites. I wish I had followed up on that 57 Roadmaster 2 door hardtop project listed her about one month ago, but I can't connect with the seller and the car is on the east coast frown.gif

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