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Window adjustment


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Apparently either I did not tighten something or the window channel has slipped because the driver's window is not staying in the channel (may have caused previous problem).


Anyone know which adjustment is probably causing this ? I would think the base needs to go out to move the top in.

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Guest Greg Ross


I see some exposed rust oxide on the top edge of your door panel which means one of two things;

Either the panel is not pushed firmly enough into the slot, or

That top strip which includes the inside seal strip has somehow shifted outwards? pushing the glass, outwards?

I've never really studied the window mechanism. Other that having a few of the aluminum rivets fall off the sash channel at the bottom of the glass and replacing them with short bolts and Nyloc nuts. Must be clean living, or the Northern climate, I've never had to even replace a Power Window Motor as an example!

The rear channel that the glass guide runs in, I can't remember any adjustment "In/Out" on that guide? Does the interior of the door look like it's ever been repaired, ie; colision damage?

Are all the glass stops/ bottom bumpers in place and working. If one or mor of those is dislocated the glass could be going down too far and dropping out of the guide?

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I had that problem some years ago, you are right the bottom needs to move out that will position the top of the glass.

As I recall you need to do this with the window almost all the way up and loosen the bottom of the vent glass front window guide, move everything out at the bottom until you get a good angle for the top of the glass to seal. Snug everything up and cycle the glass with the door open and closed to insure the top is right. Oh... lots of sharp stuff inside there whistle.gif . KennyV.

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My feeling is that the channel should just be a guide and should not have to force the glass into it. This is the door I had to disassemble to put the new window glass in but it seemed to be malajusted when I bought it and cause the delamination. This makes it obvious that something is not right.

There was no evidence of damage or collision and though I could tell the door panel had been off before, the vapor barrier was intact and the rivets were still in the window motor.

The lower attachments for the channels are adjustable and I suspect this is where the problem lies, just wanted to ask before I begin taking things apart.

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