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1940 Limited needs HELP

Guest DaveCorbin

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Guest DaveCorbin

To all of my friends here on the Buick Blogs:

A friend of mine in the North Texas chapter has purchased a 1940 Limited. After looking at it today at his request, it has no divider window and no jump seats and thus appears to be a model 91. However,"Seventy Years of Buick" says that a model 91 has a "luggage locker" there. Do any of you know what this thing looks like? Could someone post some pictures?

Does anyone have any interior pictures of an orignal Model 91 that you could post? We especially need good photos of all the door and seat upholtery.

If you have any 1940 Limited door handles, or the big or small window crank handles for sale, the car needs 1 of each. Also, all of the small chrome trim around the windows on the outside is missing. Finally, the "luggage locker" itself is needed.

Thanks, Dave Corbin

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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Henrik:

Thanks for posting the photo of the "luggage locker". I thought it was a separate item, but the photo clearly shows it's a built-in space. Now I can re-check it.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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