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Mercer Centennial Reunion


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Dear Mercer Associates,

I am writing a progress report on the activities for the upcoming Mercer Reunion in Roebling, NJ on July 10, 11, 12, 2009. The Reunion will start at the Plumbo Buckley Antique Car Foundation & Museum with host Victor Plumbo. Victor has promised coffee and doughnuts to all who visit with him and his Mercers starting after 10AM. In the afternoon I hope to be able to have an open house at the Simeone Foundation Museum. The details need to be worked out but we would like a kind benefactor to spring for dinner Friday night July 10. Saturday July 11 is the Florence Township Patriotic Day festivities in Roebling NJ. We will be in the parade that runs through Roebling about noon and afterward there will be a local driving tour for all that are interested with fireworks Saturday evening. Sunday will be the Mercer Centennial Reunion and Car Show held at the Roebling Museum featuring the "Mercer Magic" Exhibit in the new museum buildings.

Trailers will be able to be left on the museum grounds with a 24 hr guard if you want and hotel arrangements have yet to be made.

Please pass this note to all interested parties and call Mercer owners that do not have email. There will be a mailing in January.

Please join/visit:


Karl Darby


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