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Olds Antenna ID

Guest bchevy

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Is it possible that both are there? it looks like two different mounting pieces? And the long cable makes me think something is for the back end.

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I didn't look closely at the picture. I was concerned with the part number. I see now that it looks like two antennas in the box.

Parts catalog lists 982145 as fitting '63 exc. F85 with manual front fender mounting.

982144 fits '63 exc. SW or F85 with manual rear 1/4 mounting.

982143 fits '63 SW exc. F85 with manual rear 1/4 mounting.

I don't know what all you've got there, but I would say the long cable goes with the base that already has the mast with it. You can see the fitting on one end of the cable is made to screw onto the base. I don't know if that is a rear set up, or not. I've never seen one in person. They only started doing that on a/c equipped cars in '63.

I'd say the base without the mast is for the front fender, but there should also be a mast, exterior bezel and nut. Maybe those pieces from the other base fit this one?


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