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66 exhaust questions


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Greetings all! I have just rejoined the Riviera world with the purchase of my 4th Riv, a 66 GS.

Can someone please describe the stock exhaust configuration for my car, a 425 1x4bbl, including the shape and position of the tailpipes as they exit the car. I need to put this one back to stock. Pics would be great too!


Frank Brooks Austin

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It is a dual system the whole way back and essentially follows the outside of the frame continuing along the outside of the rear track bars then up over the axle. Originally 2 resonators were behind the axle with short tail pipes turned down at the outermost corners of the bumper. The mufflers are located under the driver and passenger floor board.

You can buy pre bent mail order systems however these can require some real finesse to fit properly as well as fabiricating/rebuilding original type hangers if yours are no longer there. I wouldn't recommend doing this unless you have above average back yard mechanical skills. Many have been disappointed in the fit of some mail order systems in part due to the complexity on the bends coming off the manifold and the one going over the axle. They just aren't easy to get right so they are tucked neatly under the car.

Resonators are commonly ommitted with a specially bent replacement pipe. If you get a system with correct resonators they will (should) have an original style plate with mounting studs for the hanger welded to the tailpipe. Typically the bypass/omit pipe does not have this but a universal hanger can be used if you aren't worried about authenticity.

If you plan to install a mail order exhaust, Waldronexhaust.com and Classicexhaustinc.com are two places to start. I have used the latter with satisfaction.

The other option is to have it custom bent at any "competant" exhaust shop. They will know the correct layout and specifications. Use caution when selecting a shop based on the complexity of this system. Make sure the person actually doing the work has a lot of experience.

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