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6-volt battery question


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Hi, I have a optima 6-volt battery that is suppose to power my 331 hemi engine. I just started it for the first time with the 6-volt and it started up but in the process of starting, it sounded like it didn't have enough power to get it going. Is that normal for a 6-volt battery because with a 12 volt battery the engine jumped to life right away. But that could be because the 12 volt is bigger to. But is that normal for a 6-volt battery to do that.

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It's your cables. If they're not 0 guage or

00 your voltage is not getting to the starter.

(Kind of like trying to get a 5/8 stream of

water out of a 3/8 hose.) 12 volt cables on a

6 volt car are usually the problem.

If you have the right cables they clean them.

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