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Hello My name is Rudie Aguilar, I have the honor of being the proud owner of a 67 Riviera, I am 25 years old, I aquired My Riv when I was 19, I have built it with my own hands from the ground up, I have always been able to scrounge up enough change to do some cool stuff to my Riviera, my delema is that I have recently rebuilt the motor but unfortunately I found some cracks in my cylinder heads unfortunately I do not have enough money to buy new or rebuilt heads, I am hoping that someone out there can help me! hopefully if you are reading this you may have a set of left over heads or know of someone who can help, I am more then willing to pay for shipping, I am also a pinstriper and graffic artist so if there is something you need striped or airbrushed we could work something out, if you donate I would be willing to advertise on the Riv. and send any and all pics of me and my Riviera, you can check her out @ www.myspace.com/leftcoast_designs thank you for reading this.


Rudie Aguilar

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