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1989 Reatta sidemarker lights

Guest RonM

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Just had a question about sidemarker lights on the 1989 Reatta. Noticed that the driverside sidemarker and curb light is reversed on the car. That is the sockets on the light housing and the light plugs themseves are reversed. One light plug has three "nipples" on it and the other four. Where they plug in the light housing, the sockets are reversed. They are not just plugged in wrong, before anyone suggests that. One lens is clear and the amber. The amber should be the side marker but the plug with the sidemarker bulb doesn't fit the assembly there. It fits the corner light. Is this a manufacturing defect??? has anyone else had this issue??

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A picture would help. I'm looking at my new replacement. Starting at the outside corner. Amber 194a side marker bulb. Just in front of that, 890 cornering light bulb. Next, another amber 194a bulb (shares the same area with the 890 bulb). Next is the turn signal, another 890 bulb with an amber lens covering the bulb. Now there are only three bulbs left. 194a amber running lights. Looking at the back of the assembly, it is one piece of molded plastic. I can't see how the bulb locations could possibly be reversed.

One thing I did notice, the side marker light socket is a 90 degree fitting. The other 194a socket is a straight in twist & pull.

The three 'nipple' socket is for the 890 bulbs (cornering light and turn signal light). The four 'nipple' socket is for the 194a bulbs.

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