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1942 Lincoln Overdrive

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I have been restoring a 1942 Lincoln Continental Conv, and the car is now roadworthy. Having driven the car it's become apparent that I really need to get the overdrive working.

The three buttons on the dash to the left of the steering wheel are not connected to anything. Can anyone help me with the cables, and can anyone tell me what each of the buttons actually does (or at least should do)?

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Guest imported_V12Bill

Not sure which 3 "buttons" you are refering to The three "buttons" on the extreme left of the dash in a cabriolet are the Power top switch,antennae, and starter butoon mounted in a verticle manner. Under the dash is a mounting plate with two speed heater fan speed control, two speed defroster control button and cable for fresh air control. Next to that is the overdrive in /out cable. Hope this is of some value to you.

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Have you got the od going? I have bought and sold a lot of LC and would be glad to help you

I was in the LCOC in 1959 till about 1980. Located in Ohio. I'm now in Florida and just bought a 1942 Coupe. Seeing all these questions it sure was a lot harder in 59 and 60 to restore a car. Lee Waldren

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