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La Vie D'Auto is a weekly French glossy paper directed at the vintage car buff. It's rather like Hemmings, but with a lot more news about activities and events in the old auto world. Anyway, I thought I would post a couple things each week about what I read in the magazine, as they may be of interest to North American car buffs...

November 27:

The new film "Misrine" concerns a French gangster and "Public Enemy No. 1". It's a two-part film spectacle starring half the actors in France (including Gerard Depardieu, of course!). The LVA (<span style="font-style: italic">La Vie De L'Auto</span>) article centers on the 1500 vintage cars (from the 1950s to 1970s) used in the film, including interviews with their owner/drivers. Some scenes were shot in North America. It's interesting to see "behind-the-camera" photos of the sets and wrecked cars!

Another article describes "La Tractomania" staged by "Caussade Locomotion", a vintage tractor and machinery collectors club. This is rather like Hershey, but for heavy equipment from stationary engines to road graders. Lots of very unusual, heavy machines are exhibited and sold. See http://tractomania.caussade.free.fr/.

An article showcases the vintage vehicles in Iran. During the Shah's reign, several factories there produced cars, including "Sherkate Sahar Jeep", associated with American Motors. They made trucks and Rambler car much like the 1963-66 Ramblers. "Saipa" had a deal with Citroen, and made the "Jyane" in 1968 (a version of the Citroen Dyane). Contracts also existed with Rootes-Chrysler UK, and Talbot-Peugeot. By 1981, after the revolution, production ceased. Things started up again in the '80s with 145,000 Anglo-Iranian made cars produced in 2003. Renault also has interests in Iranian car making.

French vintage car auctions remain successful with Artcurial, a leading French seller, boasting 70% sold at their Nov. 16th sale. The Artcurial sales normally offer only a few dozen cars.


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La Vie De L'Auto December 4th 2008:

The 70th Anniversary of the Citroen "15 Six" is celebrated with a rally in the town of Seclin August 29-31. It was sponsored by Citroscope, a Citroen club. The 15 Six was a "Traction Avant" model ("front wheel drive") so characteristic of Citroen. Numbers of the "15" were present as well as "Big-Six", "Six Cylinder", and "Six H" models. All had that distinctive Traction Avant style. See http://maxdub.free.fr/.

A little article shows publicity photos of the Panhard Dyna X with 3 children sleeping in the rear "sleeper" seat (which drops flat for the purpose). Didn't Hudson have a similar feature in the '50s? I recall sleeping in the rear cargo area of our Plymouth station wagon as our father drove up to Maine each summer. Don't think that would happen today; we'd all be strapped into car seats!


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