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Rare 1993 Reatta FS Nice Color $1600 OBO

Guest BJM

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The color combination is one of the best of all Reattas. IF it is a 1990, as proposed by others above, then what is "high miles?

Most Reattas in the mainstream have 100,000 miles or more because they were fun to drive. This is a curse of our interest in these cars.

Contact the seller and let's find out what is going on - but a wine red 1990 Reatta with a wine red interior is absolutely stunning.

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OK - just called the seller a nice normal guy. $1600.

It is a 1990 - confirmed - he has received other calls and he said he had a 1993 Ford explorer on and didn't catch the error.

Rear brakes have been "cut off" due to rusting and he isn't sure they even operate. Glass is all perfect with an aftermarket light tint added.

173,000 miles showing.

Gas tank leaks WHEN FULLY FILLED, not from the bottom.

Drivers side door lock is not functioning - passenger side works form a driver switch. Runs good.

Call Chris at 612-998-3943

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