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FS 1973 Boattail with buckets and short console $1500 OBO

Guest BJM

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Hey guys this is a rare short console bucket seat car. Last of the boattails. If someone buys it - please let me know. i am tracking project car sales in the midwest.

Please note I purchased a rusty low mileage Minnesota 1973 Boattail with full console / buckets for $800 and transported for $350 and sold for $650. The new owner enthusiastically rebuilt the motor and transmission, brakes and is driving the car. This was a 26 year stored "barn find" car with smelly mouse pee interior. I can not afford to lose $500 to $750 on every car.

My car was non running with a seized motor and hubcaps. This car is running/driving with Buick Road wheels and a nice looking dash.

I can not save every car. I am buying projects for the sole purpose of preservation. losing $500 or so on each car. PLEASE - can someone save this rare boattail and let me know when it is purchased/ Seller would probably let go for $1000 if it was a cash offer.

Not every Boattail needs to be purchased fully restored. Tell the old lady to chill - you are going to restore a car for a change instead of purchasing a completed car. Park the frickin' SUV in the driveway for two years while this easy restoration is completed. OR spend the $12,000 on the restored Riviera - your call.

Too many boattails are not getting restored. I have seen 4 crushed. The console alone on this one is worth $250 easy.

Don't complain in 20 years when there are no cars left.

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