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difficulty, expense to fix these problems


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Went and looked at a 89 Reatta today not as clean as I hoped and here are the bad points

need A/C compressor

cracked windshield

one stuck headlight

drivers side windows (sticks and grinding sound LOUD!)

peeling clear coat, top, hood, trunk deck

front end troubles, steering wheel pulls hard to right, shakes and shimmy

Its a red/tan with straight body, engine runs good, no rust, good touch screen 174K and he wants $1250.

I think I would rather spend more $ for a cleaner car - they purchased the car for a grand told me has let it sit and doesnt know anything about its history. Comments?

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I'm going to make a stab at the cost/prices.

* plan on $500-900 to get the A/C going, you could go with a rebuilt compressor and save some, you will need a new accumulator/dryer plus the gas...this would be a good time to comvert to 134A

* Windshields can be all over the place in price. Top end is $1400 new installed..... if you find a used one, make certain the black trim is good as it cannot be moved from one windshield to another.

* Headlight repair is easy and you can do that with basic tools and skills, a kit of each side is $45

* You could need a new side glass and/or a new motor

Jim Finn may have used parts, I just purchased a motor on Ebay for around $30

* How much do you want to put into a paint job...MACO on up in price. Lower end will probably be $500

* Front end parts are available from auto parts stores and your problem could be worn bushing, struts and mounts, alignment, and/or tires.... budget at least $400 if you do most of it yourself.

I just posted a 1990 Maui Blue coupe for a fellow in Austin that has 159K and he is asking $1995. You could buy an airline ticket and kick in the additional $700 ...avoiding fixing the red 1989.

If everything were fixed on the 1989 it would maybe be worth $2500-3000 max with that mileage.

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This car is in Southern Indiana. It was on ebay about a week ago and should still show in completed aucs.

I agree its a $500 car @ max. The expense of fixing it to a decent daily driver w/ AC could buy a nicer car with lower miles Im sure. Theres a nicer one in the Windy for $1950 on Craigslist now, but its black, not my favorite : P

I mainly wanted to test drive it, but w/ the shimmy it wasnt a good example of being able to experience how a Reatta will handle the road. Its also the first time I saw one in person and got to sit in one and check it out and even with that cars faults I am sure I must have a Reatta, someday!

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The surround on the windshield and rear window is not in good condition either, looks hard and brittle.

Yep, bet its got some "hidden" faults as well.

I am all for keeping these cars on the road and preserving them however I wouldnt want this example as my first Reatta, esp. at that asking price, which they said was firm. I find the touch screen very easy to use and I like it so I will be in the market for a 88 or 89, which also seem to be less expensive in most cases!

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The '89 is the way to go. Jim Finn has a friend near Milwaukee that has a black/tan. A little rusty around the rear wheels/small crack on the very bottom of the windshield and a bad harmonic balancer. The interior is very nice and has a working tape player. Runs good.$1000.00

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