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Peerless 1925 wood trim restoration questions

Guest 25peerless72

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Guest 25peerless72

Hi all, I have a 1925 Peerless 6-72 Phaeton that i will be restoring down the road so am wanting some input on what is considered proper refinishing technique for CCCA regarding wood trim. I know the original clear finish would be a liquor or shellac. Is it best to refinish using similar materials or go ahead and use a high quality polyurethane that is more durable? Also what what is considered best technique just stripping the old finish and not sanding which will maintain the original patina or sanding down the wood and giving a "new" look to the woodwork?

Any thoughts on the "best" way to preserve the original look, feel, quality, and CCCA judging are greatly appreciated.




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I have no idea what the CCCA likes but I have refinished a lot of old wood and what I found works best is to lightly strip the wood and lightly sand it with fine sand paper. I then tack the piece and use a good grade of marine varnish. This usually takes three coates with light sanding with fine paper between coats. You have to be careful in striping the wood because the wood sometimes has a stain on it that you don't want to disturb. If the wood has discolored you can bleach it with oxalic acid then stain the bleached wood to match then put the finish on it. The new poly finishes are easy and quick to work with but you won't get the depth that you get with good marine varnish.

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