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Passing Eye Mirror-What Is It?

Jim Rohn

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The "passing eye" mirror is a MUCH sought after item. It will allow you to see around the car or truck in front of you to pass on a two lane road. When I first saw these at swap meets, I thought that they were some kind of a joke so I never bought them. Man, do I ever wish I had some to sell now!! They will attach to almost any car. They were mostly used before exterior rear view mirrors were a required part of a car.

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Strictly aftermarket, never an option on any make. I met and interviewed the gentleman behind these, several years ago. He also made a more spartan "truck" version that wasn't chromed. He didn't make much money on the Passing-Eyes, had gazillions of leftovers, and was trying to peddle them for years. The irony is that, now that he's gone, they're finally in demand!

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