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Will 55 power steering fit on a 56?


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Guest Bob Call

I checked my Hollander Interchange manual and they are different and do not interchange. The manual also indicates no other GM division interchanges with the 52-59 Buicks. I suppose it could be made to fit with some fabrication.

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I would imagine these parts are readilly available from someone like Wheatbelt Auto. Here's some of what you'd need, there may be more:

2 groove pulleys for the water pump and crankshaft

front and read support brackets,

pump and reservoir ( should be available as one unit)

High pressure hose

Steering box

and difference as listed for the pitman arm and idler arm, as well as center link.

Plastic button for the center of the steering wheel.

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Yes I am sure they are availble but, I was hoping to find a 56 parts car preferably a Century/Roadmaster to get the 4bbl intake and power steering off of. I am not 100% sure I would use these "upgrades" but if I did I would want them to be as factory correct as possible.

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I would imagine the parts from a Century would be a bolt in operation, with no changes to the steering linkage. But the Roadmaster ( and Super) is wider and longer, so be prepared for different idler and pitman arms at the least.

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