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Running board antenna(s) for 1937

Guest Don Aust

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Guest Don Aust

I recently bought a 37 Sedan which had dual radio antennas installed under the running boards. The previous owner did not have a radio, and thought the long rods were 'skids' for the running boards. Anyone out there who knows approximate value of these, as well as how the might have attached to the radio?


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My 37 President had the under running board antennas.

Mine were rusted to much to reuse so I will try to make

some with some 1/2" conduit. Each side has the antenna

wire hooked to them. The center wire to the antenna and

the outside wire to a ground.The radio has two places to connect the antennas one for cowl antenna the other

running board antenna. They are mounted in rubber insulating blocks.Hope this helps

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