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1954 Buick Skylark FOR SALE

Guest fullmeister

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Guest fullmeister

I have a highly documented, all original 1954 Buick Skylark that I am need to sell. This car was purchased from the original owner about 15 or more years ago. I do have all of the exact dates upon request. This is a true 80,000 mile car that would be refered to as a survivor car. The paint, top, interoir, 5 kelsey-hayes wheels, hydrolics, etc. are all original. There are new tires, and the only other exception is that we had the bumper rechromed by Ogden Chrome about 10-12 years ago.

This car was sold in 1955 by way of a trade for two buick centuries which were delivered from a dealership in a small town in eastern oregon to the dealership in seattle where the car had been on the showroom floor for over a year. The car was driven back and delivered to its new owner who drove happily until his death in the 1980's. Where upon it was placed in a garage on the side of the home and esentially parked at that point.

This is where my mom comes in, she remembered the car being local parades hauling dignitaries. At that point she was very interested in collecting 1950's autos. She made inquires of who she remembered being the owners and sure enough the 80+ year old wife of the original purchaser said that she had the car in her garage whereupon she showed us to the back yard and opened a totally run-down, falling-down garage and there was the buick under about 20 years of crap and dust. She told my mom that she was dying and that she had three children who all wanted the car, but didn't have the money to purchase the car outright. She said that she had not planned to sell the car before she died that she would let the children figure it out. However she said that she was exceited because all of the previous people who wanted the car were men, she was excited that my mom was a woman and interested in the old car. They talked price for a few minutes the seller said that she could not divide the car 3 ways but that she could divide the money. They agreed on a price and the money changed hands. The next morning I went with my uncles and mom and dad and pulled the car out of the garage.

It really only needed the gas tank and fuel lines cleaned out and the carb rebuilt and the brakes bled, fluids changed and we fired the old girl up and drove it around the block.

Since that time we have enjoyed it enormously taking it to local car club events and even a couple of shows. It is really fun because those who know what it is are absolutely extatic at seeing a "real one". Even those who have no clue what it is appreciate the neat 1950 convertable look.

We hoped that it would never come to pass that we would have to sell the car out of the family, but due to unfortunate business circunstance we are forced to sell now.

The car is light blue in color with an off-white top(could be it was white but has aged). The interior is two toned white and blue and has the original pressed leather pigskin seats.

We have never changed the car over from the original 6 volt system and it still has the gas pedal starter. We even have the steel pieces that fit over the top of the sparkplugs. Most of these were removed by dealers and chucked as it made it a nuicance to change the plugs out. Ours we found in the trunk of the car.

I do have pictures of the car, I welcome questions and am happy to show it to anyone who would like to kick the tires.

I have all the documentation that I have written above as well as a bunch of other nic-naks that go with the car. I believe that the car has every option available for 1954. It does not have a/c but I do not know if it was available on this car.

Let me emphasize here that this car is all numbers matching all original no rebuild on the engine, even the top is original.

This could be the most original 1954 Skylark in existance.

My name is Ryan Fuller 801-420-0395. The car is my mothers car and I am representing it for sale for her. She is also available for comments and questions if desired.

My email address is ryanhfuller@gmail.com

I am also looking for a qualified individual to appraise the car so that I can post the appraisal to the club here. So I would welcome this type of inquiriy as well.

Thank you for reading!

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Guest imported_MrEarl

Oh MY, I've got chill bumps just thinking of an original unmolested 54 Skylark. Ryan I'd like to encourage you to also post this in the AACA Buick Forum, click here and the

1954Buick.com forum click here

If I can help post pictures please let me know. We would love to have you post over on the 1954Buick forum.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: DizzyDale</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Mr.Earl,C'mon lets go!!!!! surprised it's not in your driveway yet.Utahs not far.DO IT,DO IT,DO IT.diz </div></div>

Yeah, go for it, you could rob a couple banks on the way to pay for it.

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Guest fullmeister

I put the car on the buick site today! I sent the pictures to someone and they said that they would post them for me. We will see how that goes. The car is Robin's Egg Blue with a 2-tone blue fender and black inner fender wells. It is car number 832.

Thanks for the idea to post on Buick!


Ryan Fuller


(801) 301-0302

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