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eBay: Reattas not selling


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Don't think I would buy a car on e-Bay, prefer to inspect in person first. Of course central Florida is "target rich" so do not need to look further. Think CraigsList or AutoTrader is more appropriate for big things.

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I have bought two vehicles off ebay with only one minor problem which was the seller did not have the car paid off. In the end it all worked out fine.

The key to having no problems is:

1. Get a Carfax report before bidding.

2. Never bid on a vehicle that is more than a few hours driving distance away so you can go look at it within the time frame the seller sets for requiring a deposit.

3. NEVER make a deposit before seeing the vehicle.

4. Drive the car and check it out before paying out any money.

5. Check the title carefully for a VIN that matches the vehicle.

6. DON'T worry about negative eBay feedback. It never hurts a buyer.

What if all boils down to is never let go of any money before you are satisfied with the car. Buyer beware!

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Guest steakneggs

Has anybody heard about the economic slowdown? 20 year-old personal luxury cars probably aren't on the top of too many lists, especially with the holidays approaching. Really nice ones might get snapped up at a bargain price. But run-of-the-mill units which probably comprise of 90% of available Reattas will not move at the prices of a few years ago. Unless you just need the room, now is the time to be driving that Booick while gas is cheap. Steak

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