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What is the correct horn(s) for a '47 Dodge 2-ton flatbed?

Guest Bobadi

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Mine seems to have had 2 mounts on the firewall, directly above the engine, (one seems missing)for the horn?

I also believe that the large style horn originally mounted on the flathead of pickup trucks of this era, so are the mounts I mentioned on the firewall; for something else?

I do see two small horns in front of the radiator of my truck, perhaps these are after market, or are they actually the originals? Does anyone have pictures of the engine compartment of this period large truck?



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I have a 1946 1.5 ton WF-32 Flatbed and the horn mounts to a bracket that is bolted down with two head bolts on the drivers side of the head. My truck was fairly original. I have seen this set up on other Dodge trucks of that era too. Of course one of the things that is difficult about older (pre 60's) stuff is that often there is no "right" answer. Your truck could have had one horn/or two horns mounted in a different place, from the factory. Just like the oil filter set ups, not all match from vehicle to vehicle yet the they may all be correct (as the prime manufacturer may have used different vendors over a production run)

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