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Help on short notice in Indiana!


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Look for a NAPA store.

There is one in Greenfield at (317) 462-4481

Dont know if they are open on a Sunday, but NAPA is the best bet for this kind of part.

Others that may be open on Sunday are:

Advance Autoparts ((317) 468-6890

Autozone (317) 467-4002

Monroe Muffler & Brakes (317) 462-4064

Hope this helps....

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we have limited access to the internet... so it took a bit before we could update here. At this moment we are in St. Louis, Mo, so the brake problem is solved.(valve).

This, by the way, is the beautiful '66 Riviera GS we are driving from NY to TX:


A really nice Riv with a beatiful interior. Handles great! A true pleasure to drive it across a couple of states.

Thanks Adam (Smartin) for helping us out!!

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