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Chevy Bumpers - but what model?

Guest 4HQ

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I believe these are Van Auken grille guards, an aftermarket accessory, but sometime dealer installed, (maybe to jack up the delivery price during the post WWII years when new cars were scarce). Agree with Keiser, I recall seeing them mostly on '46-'48 Chryslers, though also available for other makes.(see current ebay listing for '49 mercury ones.) Who wouldn't want to protect that monsterous pot metal Chrysler grille?

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Guest CutNChop

They are Bumper/Grille guard posts. Mine were a bit taller and had a chrome bar that went between the two near the top.

I'd be interested in them if you are selling.

This was taken in 1972...I found another to rebuild about 5 yrs ago to be a clone.


Same car 1956


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