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Junkyard dog and warning signs


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Hi to all- just spend a semi-pleasant day at a junkyard in Ruckersville Virginia, recently featured in Cars and Parts magazine. Hundreds of cars, some 40's, some 50's, mainly 60's, 70's, and some new stuff.

But, the reason for the post. We had permission to enter the yard, which was on one side of the road, and we later met a custodian so that we could walk around. On the other side of the road, the owner's house and 300 cars or so in his front yard (it was a big front yard!). First drove up to his house, because some interesting cars were there (including a Bonneville modified into an El Camino-style pickup truck). Saw a pink paper notice on his door, so I volunteered to walk up, the entire time thinking I would knock.

The paper read, "Hit this door. Wake me up. I will shoot you in your face."

I tiptoed back to the van.

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Guest abh3usn

Apparently, to many people knocked allready. A local Mobil station owner had several great cars in the late 70s and early 80s until he sold the station and it was bulldozed. There was a Hupp. which with the Cord 810 body. Everyone wanted that car he refused to sell. There were other cars there was well, 50's Fords, Mercedes, exc.

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Guest imported_MrEarl

If it had been me with my luck, the wind would have blown that piece of paper off the door before I got there. frown.gif

Do ya recall seein any 54 Buicks? smile.gif

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this months yard in cars and parts is century motors in philly. it has photos of a 49 roadmaster and a 53 super. both are really nice.

trimacar, glad you liked the article enough to go check the place out. kenny has a real sence of humor. actually, he is a really nice guy. i still have one more to cover in virginia in upcoming months, but the next few will be in the carolinas.

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