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1957 buick supper steering wheel assembly help


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I have a 57 supper and we are down to a few assembly items , one being the steering wheel. I have the Wheel on and the nut but my problem seems to be with the horn ring . Can someone tell me what parts there should be between the horn ring and the wheel ? I must be missing a spacer or something as I can not line up the two holes on the horn ring attachment to the wheel with out it bottoming out . Is there a some kind of round spacer with hole and slots that goes inbetween the slotted horn ring part and the nut on the steering shaft?



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Don't know if you have this answered yet, but there are a few components that go in there. There is a cup with a hole at the bottom, with a rubber/plastic molded insert, then a spring, another rubber/plastic spacer then a stamped nut that fits inside the horn ring. That is was makes contact with the horn button on the inside of the steering shaft. It is also how you adjust the horn to get it to work properly. The Buick Chassis manual, Section 10, page 10-66 has a great cut-away drawing of the horn ring and components. Hope this helps and is not too late. Good Luck!

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