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Guest Rick_McKay

Hi Guys,

After months of lurking I just signed up. I am the proud owner of a 1917 Dodge VIN 142XXX. It's alot of fun to drive! Sure puts a model T to shame...although I have to admit I have a few of those too! As you can see by the pic's the wheels aren't quite right. Someone has fitted 19" rims on it...probably due to the availability of 19" tires. I've been in touch with Rodger "Dodger" Hartley, and he sent me the breakdown on the different wheels used on Dodge cars and the serial # range they were used on. According to the attached chart, my car needs 1st Kelsey wheels. Could anyone out there get a good picture of the full wheel, and maybe a close up of the rim clamp? It would be nice to know what I'm looking for. The other thing I need for my car is a complete top as well as saddles. If anyone has pic's of these items to share, please send me a pm.

Thanks Guys!





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