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FS - Two 1928 Dodge Bodies

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I have two four door sedans, 1928 Dodges. One has the frame, other is body only. Some through rust, but what's bad on one, seems to be good on the other. Changes in my life insist I part with these, so I'm asking only for the $600 I have in them. Three fenders came with them, but I'm not guaranteeing they are correct. As the photo shows, they both fit an 18 foot flatbed trailer, and must be picked up in Marion, Montana. Overall, these look to be a great starter. I also know a location where a shed is full of parts for this car, and will include that information to the buyer only. The best way to contact me is by my email, bryant@cyberport.net. I work nights and sleep days, and rarely answer my phone. I can take more photos and send them through my email.



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