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1930 Marmon Big 8, 4 Door (Ball park value)

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My father who was avid collector of antique cars passed away owning a 1930 Marmon Big 8, 4 door, which my mom is now looking to sell.

Could someone give me a ball park figure of what the car is worth?


I have posted some more pictures of the car at the following address:


Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.

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Hi- Always a minefield, as what some owners want to hear is not what they may hear. But since you are asking....beautiful car, appears to be an excellent restoration slightly used. The engine picture shows some water leaks and minor issues that would need to be corrected. I am not a fan of green cars, but that is a personal taste issue. Big 8 which means it is a full CCCA Classic. Four door sedan which is obviously not as desirable as open cars, but closed cars have a following. See AACA winner badge, but not sure when, and CCCA winner obviously means nice car, as CCCA judges mechanical condition in addition to cosmetics. Marmon is a great marque, and of course it is the multi-cylinder cars that bring the really big bucks. For a Big 8 in this condition, I would say minimum $35,000, with a max of around $50,000 if you found just the right buyer at just the right time. Just my uneducated guess. Would cost more than that to restore it to this condition, as is often the case. Do like many others and put it on Ebay with a reserve, or just state a price and see if anyone bites. That exposure will tell you more about value than I can. dc

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