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39 Zephyr high low beam switch


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My '39 Zephyr was so cobbled up when I got it that the dimmer switch was not even in the headlight circuit! I got a Ford dimmer switch from Sacramento Antique Parts which bolted right in and works just fine. Unless you're going for a REALLY high point competitive car, nobody will ever notice the difference. I then installed a relay in the headlight circuit to get more voltage to the dim old bulbs.

My car was restored from a shell before I got it. It was a pretty car, but was a mechanical disaster. Check out my Webshots photo album of the car at: http://community.webshots.com/album/73152974bRlXIf

and the Columbia axle installation at: http://community.webshots.com/album/535592120cTKtFX


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Thanks Phil, checked out your photos,you should be proud,a nice restoration. I was particular interested in the number or wires going to the front headlight. Not sure if you would bring one wire to each headlight for both high and low beam, or would you splice up at the first headlight and then go to the second headlight. the wiring diagram shows a splice up front but my photo shows six wires up at the dimmer and also a splice up front. Thanks for the tip on where to get the dimmer switch.

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