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Veteran photographer's background prop; Car ID Please


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Hi Folks,

Thanks to all for previous help. We at the Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society (United Kingdom) have an active Help Page on our website (currently http://www.svvs.org/help18.shtml) where the general public can get free assistance with identification of old cars from old photos. We sometimes need help from others. We have no information on this photo except that the US owner is trying to identify an old postcard. The setting seems to be a photographer's background prop. First though was that it is a German Adler, but it would be interesting to see if anybody has any ideas as to a possible US maker. Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Vintman (UK)



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31 minutes ago, Varun Coutinho said:



I am sure Bozi, will be pleased to see that one identified after so long.


Oddly enough you identified what looks to be a different photo of the same car earlier this year. Note the bent fender.



07 Pullman Model E 20 hp picclicks.com 0223.jpg

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Hi Folks,


Just to confirm, SOME 16 YEARS LATER,  still alive and well, still running the Surrey Vintage Vehicle Society website, getting towards 2000 car identifications, still keeping an eye on this forum, and still in contact with NZCARNERD.


Looked a bit deeper into the Pullman story and suggest a brief click on link to our Help Pages which will advise that their first car had three axles,  back and front steered with central axle powered,, and six wheels.


Regards to all


Bozi Mohacek (aka Vintman)





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