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For Sale: 1926 Lincoln Dietrich Convertible Berline


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1926 Lincoln Model L Dietrich Convertible Berline. This is a chauffer driven limousine with a convertible rear top section. This car has been fully and tastefully restored from a low mileage and solid vehicle. It runs, drives and presents extremely well. Recently mechanically and cosmetically serviced. The interior is correct, tasteful and amazing. Speakerphone, vanities, divider windshield, jump seats, trunk with fitted luggage, sidemounts, exhaust horn, etc. A very correct car and an excellent value at 67,500. 734-730-4274 or motoringicons@hotmail.com



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HarryJ-Would you post the VIN/serial numbers of all the cars you own on a public forum?????!!!!!! I would think if you are seriously interested in the car you would contact the seller either by the phone number or email address he has listed and he would provide them to you. Have you done this? If I was selling a car on here (or any other public website) I wouldn't divulge that information until the potential buyer made contact with me and asked for it.

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olcarz,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Yes, I would publish the serial numbers of cars I own on a public forum. I own #49600. Ford still has a very good percentage of the records by serial numbers of the first Lincolns produced. Note,several car clubs are very particuliar about serial number ID. I have seen the car in question; as I attended the Concours @ Hilton head this year. The car was sold at auction at that event. I think the car was "well bought" to quote the terminology used in "Sports Car Market" magazine. Publishing information such as serial numbers on a public web site such as this establishes provenance.




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