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1955 Buick Engine I.D.


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I have just started the restoration of my 55 Century 2dr hardtop. I removed the engine only to find that the top two holes at the rear of the engine block are not drilled for bolts. The trans have the holes but the block does not. This is my third 55 Buick and the first two I owned had the bolts. Was this a running change or do I have a different year engine?



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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Mudbone:

The stamped number is the engine number, the cast one is a part number.

Engine 1,002,734 6 is an engine for a Century and was built very late in Feb. 1955 or very early in March 1955

Regards,Dave Corbin

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Guest DaveCorbin

Dear Ken:

If you post the number on the small plate on the doorpost, I can tell you where and when your car was built.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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