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Distributor and coil assembly ID needed


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While this may have been original equipment, these units were offered as replacements for magnetos. The base mounting holes and shaft height match the SAE dimensions for mags. When Dodge changed from magneto to distributor ignition they used first a similar unit by Delco and then one made by Northeast.

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Pman1959, This is the same unit that came from the factory on my "late" 1917 Maxwell. It may fit other later years but I have to check some of my other literature.

This is actually a multi-fit item as it can be used in place of magnetos on most older engines.

Howard Dennis




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Guest Shayne B

Hi guys

You seem to be answering question that I want to ask but can't seem to make a new thread. I have a 1924 dodge ( i think ) It's engine number is A106449 with the single system starter/generator. I'm not sure what to put on for the spark system - I have bought a magneto but was wondering if I should have got the distributor. Are they interchangable? The magneto fires 1 4 3 2 . Is this how the engine runs.

All help is muchly appreciated.


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