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Engine mount bolt insulators


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I have inherited my Mom's 89 Reatta. laugh.gif I had to replace the motor and the motor mount bolt insulators were in such bad shape we were unable to use them. I am looking for either new ones or good condition used ones so that I don't SQUEAK like an old farm truck in the pasture. mad.gif

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Guest Greg Ross

Can you clarify what it is you're looking for;

There are six front sub-frame isloators, probably available thru most aftermarket auto parts stores, or

There are, three I believe it is Motor/ transmission mounts. The one behind the A/C compressor is liquid filled and used to be very expensive when it was still available.

For a 20 year old car I wouldn't suggest used parts for any of these except (maybe out of necessity) the liquid filled assembly.

Try Jim Finn for the Liquid filled if that's among what you really need (remove the arrows) <jfinn@cpinternet.com>

Suggest you also add where you're from and your model year to your signature block.

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There are two mount bolts on the back of the engine that mount to the frame (undercarriage). The old one looks like it was a large doughnut that covered the shaft of the bolt from where it went into the frame and I guess attached to another bracket at the bottom. From what the mechanic described to me part of the insulator goes up into the frame of the car and that's the part that is rattling. Any other ideas?

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