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F/S RARE ONE-OFF Factory Experimental Hi-Rise Auminum Intake

Guest JRZYBOB442

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Guest JRZYBOB442

1967 442 - RARE ONE-OFF <span style="font-weight: bold">Factory Experimental Hi-Rise Auminum Intake Manifold</span> - Fits 400-425-455 big block Oldsmobile Engines Only

<span style="font-style: italic">Own a Piece of History!</span>

This FACTORY EXPERIMENTAL HI-RISE ALUMINUM INTAKE MANIFOLD is a one-off - used for evaluation of the replacement for the 1966 tri-carb manifold and discarded, though it did lead to the 1970 aluminum W-30 and W-31 manifolds.

Marked "EA 18743" where "EA" Stands for "Experimental Application" and "18743" stands for the test number. The manifold is a true high rise unit, not the low-rise aluminum unit later fitted to W-Cars. It contains the same heat riser block offs as used on the 1966 tri-carb, which are in place.

The manifold is in perfect condition and is un-warped, un-cracked, and ready to be mounted. Also included is the 4-Barrel Quadrajet number 7027156 used in testing!


SOLD AS-IS @ $3300.00

You may e-mail me for pictures or go to my E-bay store at http://stores.ebay.com/Wild-About-Cars-and-Car-Stuff to see the pictures that are enclosed there. I will take whatever other images you would like if you are an serious buyer.

You may contact me at bob.gerometta@wildaboutcars.com



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