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Steering whell play & Brake pedal travel


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Hi everyone..

I just bought a '62 Chrysler Newport.. overall in good shape (I drove it from Florida to Nebraska without incident smile.gif

This is my first Mopar.. so I have a couple questions

the steering wheel has quite a bit of play, it will move a couple of inches either way when parked... it was a little scary going through the foothills of Tennessee wink.gif

Is that much play normal?

Also the brake pedal moves pretty far before the brakes kick in. The break booster was just replaced and the previous owner said that improved breaking by leaps & bounds... yet it seems like a lot of pedal travel.

Once the brakes kick in, they REALLY kick in...

Is this typical of the brakes as well?

Any thoughts are appreciated confused.gif

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Absolutely not in both cases, if you have no expertise in these areas you should take it to a repair facility asap; hate to hear that your new found pride and joy came to grief.

As a guide, with the vehicle stationary, you should be able to move the steering wheel a maximum of one inch and see movement at the front wheels; anymore than this and you have major wear within the steering mechanism.

As to the brakes it would seem from your description that there is a high probability that the brake linings are worn and with a couple of tons of car to stop thats not good.

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thanks.. that's what I thought...

not so much grief, I expected some pricey repairs

It's well worth fixing...

the engine runs strong, transmission shifts smoothly, and undercarriage and body are solid, just some rocker panel rust

anybody know a good early mopar mechanic in Omaha, NE?

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