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HELP - new member needs body dimesions for '32 5W coupe


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IF any of you fine folks can help me out here I certainly would appreciate it a LOT!! I just purchased a '32 Ford 5W full fendered coupe and need to know if it will fit inside a storage garage/space I want to rent on the way home this afternoon (kinda a weird thing to ask I guess, but I'm new to this kind of car having been a MOPAR nut most of my life). The garage I looked at last night has a door width/opening of 7'7" and I'm concerned that the coupe might not make it through that (in the pictures I have of the car the rear end looks wider than that). Once inside the garage it is @ 8'6". The guy I bought it from said it would fit OK, but I'm a little nervous about renting a garage and then not being able to drive the car through the door. I recently converted our 2 car garage into a family room with a pool table and all that and my wife DOES NOT want the coupe parked in it (I'd have to change the footprint of all the stuff I bought for the family room and she wants it to remain as it is - BUMMER, but I can live with that since the rental garage is only about 3 miles away). I suppose I have prompted some chuckles from some of you folks but I just didn't want to rent something needlessly. I most certainly appreciate any and all help/advice on this!! THANKS!!!

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