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Heater - It's cold it seems

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That sounds like a normal range, so that leaves just coolant flow into the heater core or air flow through the heater core. Check the heater valve that is inline with the heater hoses, heater hoses for collapsing or blockage, flushing out a gunked up heater core to rule out bad coolant flow. Check for air flow bypassing the heater core because of stuck open air doors in the heater box assembly or maybe just a bunch of leaves/debris having worked their way into the heater box through the vents under the hood at the cowl, those would keep airflow over the heater core to a minimum.

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I had the same problem with my 91. Had two contributing problems--------- faulty thermostat and a small leak that prevented the radiator from remaing full.

The thermostat opened to early so the temperature was not hot enough and the emty space in the radiator, which was air would not heat up like water. Fixed both, haeter works fine.

Joe Baiunco

89 Cabernet,black,honey

92, red, tan, honey

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