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Trying to find a fuel pump for a 251 flathead - any ideas?


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Hi guys. I have a 1971 Bombardier snowcat that has a 251 chrysler flathead 6 cyl. It's near impossible to find parts for because all the auto stores want to know what the engine is in. When I tell them, they look at me like I have 3 heads.

It's a very basic mechanical fuel pump. It does not have a glass bowl on the bottom.

Any ideas where to buy one? thanks! Here's a pic of the engine. The top of the fuel pump is barely visible just under the manifold.


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Ask for a pump for a 1962 Dodge 1 ton truck, 251 cu in 6 cylinder. Yes they were still making them then.

You could also ask for a pump for a Chrysler Windsor up to 1954 or a DeSoto.

Your local parts store can get the pump, they just need to look up a good part number to order them by.

I find it best to deal with an old gray haired or bald headed parts man at an old parts store that sells to the local farmers and independent garages. They can almost always get parts that the shiny new stores with pimple faced clerks never heard of.

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