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problem putting mags on my 58 buick special


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I did the same--started with 9/16" Grade 8 bolts, cut the heads off and turned the other end down to 1/2".

No, I didn't do it myself--took it over to the machine shop at the local tech school along with a picture of the car, typed up a bit of history of the car and why I needed the special bolts.

They did the work as a class project--IIRC, each bolt took 4 passes at the lathe to cut the thread.

The studs worked out great, I could use the appropriate centering lug nuts instead of bolts and washers which couldn't hold the wheels on center.


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Here is a post on another board from a guy named Jason. He has a '55, but it should be the same for a '58. The threads he used are 1/2"-20. He used 2" long studs because his wheels were thick, so you might not need as long of studs.


I'm sure NAPA has the same type of studs in different lengths if needed, but you might need to go and talk to them. Here is a link to what he used:

Napa wheel studs #641-2156

He also did the Scarebird disk brake conversion in the front. He also mentions what he did in the rear in this thread:


I sent him a PM on that board asking for more details about what he did in the rear and here is his reply:


Re: Rear Brake Drums


I saw your post on the "Disc Brake Conversion Customer Testimony & Info" thread about how you swapped the front drums from a Roadmaster to the rear of your car. I would appreciate any info you could give me on the 1/2" studs you used. Did you remove the rear axles from the car to install the studs?




Hey Sean, I will post a more complete description later, but for now...

1) Yes the axles have to come out

2) the studs used are NAPA #641-2156. Mine are 1/2-20 thread by 2" long. I am using very wide old uni-lug wheels (1" thick!!) I still have to drill out a little bit of thread and they will fit real snug.

3) the 1/4" spacer I needed to use between the axle hub and the brake drum itself. You will have to put the drums on first and see if you have clearance. On the '54 the drum was almost flat at the face (the part that fits against the wheel) of it, on the '55 the drum angled in away from the wheel. I still need 1/4" for the drum to spin. You might not need that big a spacer?

Hope that helps a bit. I don't have any pics yet, but I hope to soon. I will also have to get around to post a bloody knuckle by bloody knuckle description...




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