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I have what was called a Hoover Wagon (a depression era farm trailer made from auto chassis). It has front and rear end and also the frame probably modified beyond use. Wood wheels are quite bad (shot) and two beat up hubcaps. It is located in Southeast Idaho. I ask $300 without the hat in the ring differential cover, and $500 with it included (it is such a wonderful piece of history). I would ship parts, but must be paid well for my time to do so (we all know how time consuming disassembly can be on cars this old). Please mention this to friends because the caveat to rare parts is that finding a buyer is also often a rare circumstance. I MUST clean up my place and sure hate to scrap this. I am told that the front end, brake drums, etc., were identical to early 1920s Buick but cannot verify? 208 529 2939 Perry Smith

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