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Dead 90 Reatta

Doctor Phibes

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I have been searching this form for about 3 months looking for a solution to a 90 Reatta with 138000 miles that was running great, then "bam" out of nowhere she just wont start, battery's good, starter tested good, has all lights and power, just won't even click the starter. eek.gif

I have looked at the grounds in the orange box on fender wall, their good, looked at wiring under passenger seat, it's swell, not damp or corroded.

under-dash wiring is stock, not all spliced up like Snowdrifts was.

I have a new ECM ,to put in it, if I could find it. confused.gif thought it was under dash/ instrument panel.What do I have to take apart to get to it, and please don;t tell me the dashboard.... cry.gif

and I'm really not sure thats the problem,as it has old H codes in it. and runs the Diagnostics fine.

have also tried moving the tilt wheel,

starting in neutral,

kicking it & cussing at it. grin.gif

it's starting to looking like eather that "yellow " wire in the steering collum that I have been reading about, the one that breaks a lot.

the ignition switch, or the theft deterrent relay.

so take it to the dealer, ? really don't want to do that yet, as $ is tight here.

anymore testing I can do? anyone know anyone that can fix this in SC?

welcome to Reatta hell mad.gif

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Guest steakneggs

You probably already did this if you say the starter is good, but I would jump a screwdriver across the two terminals on the starter and see if it cranks. If it does than it's something in the wiring or ign sw that somebody here might have some experience with. Not me. Steak

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